What We Do

The Union City Family Support Center  (UCFSC) is a private, non-sectarian, non-profit agency established in 1997 by a community committee that wanted to meet the needs of this rural low income population.  The Center employs five full-time and six part-time employees that provide services to approximately 400 families in Union City, Corry, Wattsburg, Waterford, Mill Village, and the surrounding areas in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The Center focuses on early intervention to prevent negative behavior among children and families, through a holistic approach to provide services in collaboration with other established entities. The Center provides a highly accessible, community level support system that respects the opinions and recognizes the strengths that are inherent in children, families, and the communities it serves. The Center fosters a safe and positive environment with healthy, educated, self-sufficient families. The Center strives to inspire children and adults to be compassionate, responsible, trustworthy and community minded individuals

We are proudly supported in large part by United Way of Erie County.

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