Family Group Decision Making

FGDM is a process where families make decisions on issues that concern the safety, well being and permanency of their children. It recognizes the role and long tradition that a family has the best understanding of how to care for its members. FGDM invites and offers families the opportunity to come together as the best possible resource to make decisions on keeping their children safe. The family develops its own plan to ensure the physical and emotional well being of its members.

FGDM is a voluntary process that helps keep families together and assists in identifying the strengths and creativity of the family. The immediate family unit has the opportunity to invite those who are family to them, including friends and neighbors. They can also invite their religious leaders and services providers to come and present resources that will help them towards their goal.The group’s goal in the meeting is to develop a plan that will enable the family to remain intact and safe while using professional support services and developing positive relationships within the community in which the family lives.