What We Do

The Union City Family Support Center (UCFSC) is a community service center for over 400 families from Union City, Corry, Wattsburg, Waterford, Mill Village, and the surrounding areas. Though our unofficial duties are many, our official programs target education, and particularly early childhood education, as the best guarantor for our community’s future.

Our largest program, Parents as Teachers, is designed to provide parents with vital information about their child’s health and development from the day they are born until age 5. Our highly-qualified Parent Educators at the Center use a variety of research-based tools, such as home visits, health screenings, family team meetings, and family group connections, to ensure that every child enrolled in our program is ready for his or her first day of kindergarten. We also offer Parenting Skills Workshops, designed to address the challenges of parenting in a constructive group setting, and Free Book Programs that provide fresh reading material to children in this crucial stage of development.

Our philosophy stresses early intervention to ensure positive child development and prevent negative behaviors later in life, but our approach is holistic, focusing on the entire family’s well-being. For this reason we also offer Human Service Coordination and a Summer Camp, as well as intermittent courses on financial planning, goal-setting, and a variety of other topics. We work in close collaboration with other established organizations in the area to provide a highly-accessible community-level support network that recognizes the strengths and opinions of the children, families, and the communities it serves while promoting their health, education, and self-sufficiency.

We are proudly supported by United Way of Erie County.

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