Free Books

It may come as no surprise that reading aloud to your child largely determines his or her reading level later on—into high school and even adulthood. But you might not be aware of the impact that just a few minutes of reading each day can have on your child’s health and emotional development. Reading aloud reinforces your child’s memory, awakens their curiosity, reduces their stress levels, and provides them with tools for dealing with difficulty later in life. In a calm, read-aloud environment, a child finds its parent’s voice alone soothing and comforting—even before he or she can understand what’s being said!

Here at the Family Support Center we do our best to support reading by hosting Community Book Swaps—our next one is on August 31st—and offering “Birthday Books” to anybody under 18. Is your birthday a long way off? Come by anyway! We won’t let you go home empty-handed.

We are also proud to offer Imagination Library, courtesy of United Way. Register online here, and receive a book in the mail once a month every month for your child, up to age 5.